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Lithofin TC Sealant
Second step of the MODERN method: finishing treatment

Price: 50.00 Inc: VAT@23% / litre

For treatment of surfaces that have been pre-treated with Lithofin TC Impregnator. Can also be used for the treatment of materials that have already been impregnated by the manufacturer. Produces a naturally bright, neutral appearance.

Product type: water based protective sealant

* glossy * easy to use * durable protective film

Additional information


up to 20m²/L


closed, cool, frostfree, up to 3 years

The first step of the MODERN method:

Pre-impregnation for increased protection against oil and grease. Applied immediately before final treatment with Lithofin TC Sealant.


Product type: Water based protective impregnator  * fast-drying * easy to use * ready-to-use

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