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Nano-Protection For All Surfaces

At House of stone we like to keep abreast of the latest advances in stone care and maintenance.
One of the most exciting areas of research is NanoTechnology.
This relatively new area of science offers endless possibilities in advancing care and maintenance solutions across a broad range of materials and surfaces.
At the forefront of this research and product development is Artekya Technology Inc.
For over twenty years Artekya have been providing long lasting nano coatings under the brand name NASIOL NANO COATINGS.These coatings are created using nano technology, which allows for the creation of ultra thin layers of protective material that bond directly onto the surface, providing exceptional durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Nasiol Nano Coatings offer a wide range of coatings for different surfaces, including all types of stone, glass, metal, plastic and wood.

These coatings are designed to provide a superior level of protection to the surface, helping to prevent damage from UV rays, moisture, dirt and other common sources of wear and tear. Water absorption capacities of these surfaces make them prone to mold, algae, and damp formation as well as water stains and damaging effects of ice such as freeze-thaw.
Protecting these surfaces from the damaging effects of water is easy with a Nano coating solution.
Businesses can reduce their costs while adding durable protection solutions to their products or services with Nasiol products.
In addition to the protective qualities, Nasiol Nano Coatings also offer aesthetic benefits. They can enhance the colour and shine of surfaces, making them look new and vibrant for years.

They also provide a hydrophobic effect, which causes water to bead up and roll off the surface, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Main features of Protective Nano Coatings

  • Self-Cleaning: Surfaces stay clean, saving time and resources otherwise spent on maintenance. For instance, Nano coating gives the paint an excellent. “easy-clean’ and ‘stain-resistant”.
  • Corrosion resistance: Surfaces protected by Nano coatings have little to no visible corrosion for an indefinite period.
  • Scratch resistance: Nano coating gives superior hardness, ideal for use on delicate surfaces like car paint, prescription eyeglasses, and medical and scientific instruments
  • Water repellent: Ensures clear vision and safety for transparent surfaces. 
Also protects surfaces prone to water damage, like textiles, woods, plastics, painted surfaces, and metals.
  • UV protection: Nanoparticles effectively filters harmful UV rays



As part of our growing range of stone care and maintenance solutions HOUSE OF STONE is pleased to act as agents and distributors of NASIOL NANO COATINGS In Ireland.