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Anti Graffiti Nano Coatings

Cleaning graffiti off buildings and transportation costs tens of millions of euros annually.

An anti-graffiti nano coating prevents paint from bonding to surfaces and thereby makes it much easier to remove.

Anti-graffiti coatings are ideal on surfaces in graffiti-prone public areas such as transit stations, bridges, municipal buildings, schools, shopping plazas,  public restrooms.

Also in the public train, tram and bus transportation  infrastructure

Nasiol products do not contain PFOS/PFOA. They are eco friendly, non-toxic, safe and EU REACH compliant.

Application Areas
Public transportation vehicle manufacturers, local government agencies, restoration companies, cleaning and maintenance companies etc.

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Before applying a nano coating to any surface

the surface should be clean and dry

Product Information

Clean is a universal cleaner for hard surfaces. It is used for removing any dust, dirt and residual contamination from the surface, especially prior to the use of nano coating products.

Do not use the product on absorbent and/or highly sensitive materials.

Application Surfaces

Body of car, boat, plane and other vehicles, glass, plastic, ceramic, painted metal and inox surfaces


  • Spray the product onto the surface and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.

Application Tips

Only work on cool surfaces. If required, pre-clean the surface properly, to get rid of heavy dirt and contamination. Clean the surface by applying Nasiol Clean to remove any dust, dirt and residual contamination.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Easy one-step application. 
  • Removes dust, dirt and polish residue.



150/500 mL

Application Temperature



Colorless Liquid

Density @23°C

0.79 g/cm3

pH Value



To achieve a high product effectiveness, keep the unopened packaging in a dry, well ventilated space


Technical Data Sheet


away from heat and ignition sources, stored at -3 C to + 30 C / 26.60 F to 86 F. The shelf life of product is 24 months from the date of production when stored in the unopened packaging under suggested storage conditions. After every use, it is recommended to close the lid in order to avoid product loss by evaporation.


The technical information described in this document is based on tests and other practical experience that Nasiol believes are reliable. Nasiol cannot guarantee anything but ready to use quality of the product at the time of shipment, disclaims any liability for product performance and incidental or consequential damages, according to self-implementation within the user’s knowledge, beyond the manufacturer’s control. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use of product. Users should consult Nasiol for guidance on the suitability of specific applications. Nasiol reserves the right to change the given data without further notice.

Nasiol Anti-GRM

Anti-GRM is a single layer transparent nano coating product developed to reduce the effects of graffiti marks and enables the easy cleaning of non-porous, hard surfaces including:

  • Metals & Alloys
  • Thermosets & Thermoplastics
  • Glazed Natural Stones (Marble, Granite etc.)
  • Glass
  • Ceramic

Benefits & Key Features

  • Water and oil repellency
    Water and oil repellency
  • Slow contamination
    Slow contamination
  • Chemical resistance
    Chemical resistance
  • UV protection
    UV protection
  • Easy to clean
    Easy to clean


Packaging1-5-30 L
AppearanceColorless Liquid
Chemical Resistance12>pH>1
Salt Water Resistance 
Moisture Resistance 
Dry Film Thickness600-700 nm
Consumption per Unit Area4-5 mL/m2
Density @23°C0.836 g/cm3
pH Value5-5.3
Application Temperature5°C/30°C (≤50% RH)
Temperature Durability275°C
Water Contact Angle108° @10 µL
Water Sliding Angle16° @20 µL
Oil Contact Angle88° @10 µL