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Care and Maintenance of Tile Grout


Grout is a type of cement that is placed in the joints between tiles to set and keep them in place. There are two types – sanded and un-sanded.  Un-sanded is used where the joints are less than sixty millimeters or one-quarter inch wide. Sanded is employed when the gap is greater than sixty millimeters.

The sand expands the grout and keeps the tiles firmly in place.

All types of grout are porous, meaning the surface is filled with microscopic holes. Each of these holes captures water, dust, dirt, and hair. As a result, grout gets dirty and discolored. Mildew is also a big issue in showers and around sinks where there is moisture present. Accumulations of dirt and mildew present a hygiene hazard.


Normal household chemicals may be ineffective in cleaning grout.

Bleach is probably the most effective product. But one must be careful when using. It is important to wear protective rubber gloves, a face mask, and eye protection. The procedure is to apply bleach diluted approximately six parts water to one part bleach using a spray bottle. Massage into joints using a small scrubbing brush. Leave for about fifteen minutes then wash off with clean water. Repeat a number of times to achieve the best results.

Bleach is also effective against mildew. Applying it regularly to tiles and joints will prevent its re-appearance in your shower and bathroom.


After cleaning the joints applying a grout sealer will help prevent moisture and oil from penetrating the joints. This will keep your group looking clean and fresh for longer and reduce maintenance. It is important that joints are completely dry before applying the sealer. Leave about three days between cleaning grout and applying the sealer. For further information on cleaning and sealing grout call 01 – 8820002

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