Care & Maintenance of Limestone Floors
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Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from calcareous remains of plants and animals and often contains the fossils of sea creatures. It is natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). It has a smooth granular surface and varies in hardness. Some dense limestone can be polished but will never be as shiny as marble or granite. Limestone floors with a honed finish (not shiny) are quite popular. The colour tones are ty... Read more

Care & Maintenance of Slate Floors
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Slate is a stone that has been metamorphosed from shale – clay-like materials that have undergone change under heat and pressure. Slate can be recognized by its sheet-like structure. The material is usually thin, and when fractured flakes off into sheets. Slate is seldom highly reflective unless a coating is placed on it, and its surface is usually uneven unless machine sanded.
Slate is composed primarily of the minerals quartz and illite. There are also minor a... Read more

Care & Maintenance of Terracotta Floors
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Terracotta is Italian for ‘baked earth’ or ‘baked clay’. Since the earliest of times, it has been widely used in building and construction. For example; tiles, water pipes, and the manufacture of household pottery and ornaments. In its simplest form terracotta is molded clay that is left to dry in the sun until it becomes hard. Terracotta in its unglazed form is very porous and for this reason, when used as flooring it needs to be sealed. The glazed terracotta is pro... Read more